Yvonne Hernandez is a born and raised Chicago native that has proud Boricua roots. She is a wife and mother of one son. She grew up in Humboldt Park with her parents, sister and brother. Yvonne comes from a working class, Latino family who taught her to always strive for happiness even if it was not easy to find. She values family, friendships, being loyal and genuine.   

Yvonne is a product of the Chicago Public School system and received her Bachelors of Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She values the importance of education and the role it plays in providing opportunities.  

Yvonne is career-driven, currently working in the Education field. She embraces the daily opportunity to have a positive impact on students and their futures. Yvonne is an all around mom in- and out the office. Her heart is happy and full when she ignites joy in others.  

She has recently begun to focus on the importance of the delicate balance between maintaining a career, a marriage, being a mother and maintaining friendships. Yvonne has embraced the importance of self discipline/care, nutrition and home/work life balance. Yvonne hopes to share insights through her life experiences that will help other women recognize the value of their worth and maintain a full balanced life.

CO-FOUNDER AND CHIEF operations officer


Sharing stories of breaking generational trauma and building healthy, successful lifestyles in a safe, no judgment space.