Our Story of Friendship

  1. Yolanda Cruz says:

    Hello Yvonne & girls. Congratulations on your new journey. I am looking forward to all that you girls will be bringing to the table. I think this is awesome. I’m sure this is going to help so many woman in so many different ways.

  2. Hello Soros, congratulations on this new journey. Excited for the conversations that will be had. I am sure it will help many women. Thank you for always being authentic.

    • Vanessa Gamboa says:

      Congratulations! So happy and proud of you ladies for taking on this venture – a safe space is needed for women and this is a great outlet for it. Looking forward to this. Cheers! 🍸

    • Sex, Love and Being Latina Admins says:

      Thank you so much! We appreciate the support!

  3. Ingrid martinez says:

    Hey hey 👋🏽
    Super excited for you all. Looking forward to these conversations! Congratulations!

  4. […] Today, in my 40s, I surround myself with my forever people—which are still just a few. They are my treasure chest of gems, friends that have become my family, those I turn to in my happiest and saddest moments. And of those gems, there are a special three: Irma, Selena and Yvonne. […]

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