As we become older—approaching our 40s and beyond—we know that we are still relevant and vibrant. We understand that we benefit from the guidance and support from the networks of women around us to help us embrace and navigate this stage of life. Each person brings to the table different perspectives, ideas, and solutions, and as we discuss various topics, we discover that there is no singular right or wrong way to approach something. And together, we can get through tough topics and celebrate in the joyous moments. We encourage each other to fulfill our individual potential and support each other in whichever way each person needs. There will always be someone—whether through our online community or in our own personal community—that we can relate to because they are experiencing the exact same thing, or some version of it. We take comfort in our shared experiences and in knowing that we are not alone.


Sex, Love and Being Latina is a blog that empowers and uplifts Latina women by creating a platform for authentic voices to share stories of breaking generational trauma and building their own versions of healthy, successful lifestyles in a safe, no judgment space. This blog celebrates culture, traditions, achievements and experiences, and promotes positivity, growth, self-love, and resilience. Here, women can read stories, share their comments, serve as support and inspiration to each other, and connect to a circle of online friends through relatable moments. Women should feel empowered or encouraged to recreate this vibe with their own circle of friends, if they don't have that already. There is value in shared experiences, bridging gaps, and connecting as a community—it is our way of staying balanced, hopeful and strong. When we have made connections with other strong women, it makes us want to be better just for them!

Our blog aims to provide both information and entertainment, offering a mix of personal stories, advice, inspiration, and resources. As we continue to grow into publications, hosting guest writers and speakers, events and workshops, and partnerships, our overall goal will remain the same—to provide a message of hope, resilience, and strength. 

Sex, Love and Being Latina will maintain a positive and interactive relationship with its audience. We will encourage our audience to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences by providing a space for comments and feedback. We will seek out suggestions from our audience in order to continuously improve our content as we work to foster a sense of trust and authenticity by being transparent.

In striving to fulfill our mission, we make a positive impact on the lives of Latina women everywhere.


Latinas are powerful, beautiful, and deserving of great friendships and relationships!


Sex, Love and Being Latina

Sharing real stories and life experiences on topics of friendships, relationships, love, dating, family and friend dynamics, self-love, healing trauma, and much, much more.

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Sharing stories of breaking generational trauma and building healthy, successful lifestyles in a safe, no judgment space.